Question 1
What makes Giulia Nahmany an inspirational life coach?

Look beyond the actress, the businesswoman, or movie producer. The Giulia you will discover by watching her videos has a mighty heart with a soothing energy – a once bruised woman who has turned her imperfection to strength.

Her love of life is transparent from the very first smile, and her words bring butterflies to your stomach and make you believe. This website is her ultimate goal, her business is built on passion and her acting career is made from love. All of her struggle and real-life experience not only make her a role model, but the best example out there that you can take control over your fear and doubt, and explore your unique character.

Question 2
Does The Light Now! Theory apply to everyone?

The Light Now! Theory is an inclusive, wholesome, all-embracing philosophy. It is built on the notion that all of us have a unique spark hardwired into our DNA, a special gift that makes us who we are.

But it doesn’t mean everyone will understand our theory. There are some bullies who might never see the real pain other people go through. There are close-minded individuals, or ignorant persons who might never grasp the true meaning of love.

There’re not going to find redemption here, unless they leave their hate and prejudice behind. Because we truly believe that everyone was born with the power to be great. They just have to open their soul to it!

Question 3
What if your programs don’t work for me?

Our digital programs contain vital know-how that has already turned thousands of lives around. The content is designed to help you overcome the anxiety and doubts that come with making an authentic life change.

The educational text will take you by the hand, explaining you why certain things happen the way they do… or why things you’ve done in the past have a negative effect on you.

And it is guaranteed to work, if you pay close attention. If you open up your heart and mind to truly understand what’s going on. Become aware of your faults, and turn them into strengths. Only then your true evolution will begin, and the life advice I’ve laid out for you will have made a difference.

But don’t worry if it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not supposed to. True change requires time, and work, and awareness. And I’m sure at least one of my inspiring words will become the spark to light up the whole new you!

I can’t wait for you to share with me the exact idea that triggered your evolution!

Question 4
What is the Helping Hands section about?

Helping Hands is the expression of our innate desire to change the world we live in. We firmly believe that transforming your life has the power to determine other people’s happiness.

That’s why we are committed to donating $1 from every program purchased on this website to underprivileged children with special abilities from Romania, through the Kleine Schule Foundation. We also support breast cancer and autism awareness campaigns, as well as any other charitable campaigns.

Question 5
What is featured on the online shop?

We’re proud of our original products, and market them so that the whole world could benefit from them. The online shop is where you will find our good life digital programs, as well as exclusive Giulia Nahmany merchandise.

Our mission here is to make your experience as easy as possible, by providing you with the best tools to a better tomorrow.

Question 6
Is all of your content paid?

NO. In fact, 90% of all the info on this website stays free. You get to take advantage of the best educational content for free  – from inspiring videos, to LifeTalk posts and interviews with guest stars.

Most of our know-how is free because we have put a price on our paid digital programs. But it allows us to share our knowledge with the world, make donations to children in need and go on gifting you with 90% of our work without charge.

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