About 3 years ago ( a year after the tragic loss of my mother) & the year where I had to go through grief and depression and all sorts of panic attacks and anxiety (yes these things happened also to me) , I was on holiday with my family, where I  was "apparently" happy and fulfilled, to the outside world.
But one evening as I strolled down the beautiful sandy beach, a cold shivering feeling came upon me, and there was doubt in my mind: Was I really happy? And if I was, why did I not feel totally fulfilled? What did I miss? What did I need in-order to have that satisfying feeling with myself and everything I had around me?
These thoughts did not let me sleep until the end of the holiday.

My mind was asking itself, "do I not have everything I need?"  But I couln't give the mind a straight answer.
And so, once I got home I tried to forget these thoughts, I dived straight  into my work, I gave myself loads of tasks so that I could not think anymore.  Even though I was between filming, home, school activities with the kids, meetings, more & more ... I still could not get rid of these questions ...
After a while of never-ending thoughts, a day came when I heard a little voice talking to me;
"My dear, take a rest and breathe deeply.  Take a break from all the activities and let the Universe illuminate your soul and is only then that you will find your long awaited answer.
And that was exactly what  I did.  I paused everything & took a break from the things and circumstances that were no longer serving my soul.   I took a step back.  Because sometimes it is only when you take a step back that you could actually move forward.  Makes sense?  
I re-organized my priorities and understood!

 It is time to do something more for ME,  and when I mean ME, I don't mean my Ego-driven me, I mean my Higher Me.  To change something ( even if that means letting go of certain things and people from the past)  and begin the journey towards true fulfillment that truly defines my higher-self.

That was when I began to study, to look at the world with other eyes, to understand that the sky is not the limit, that the universe is our ally and giving us endless opportunities,  that fulfilment is absolute when you begin to shift your focus from desires to positive intention-driven actions that will end up giving you what you wished for in the first place.  As long as the intention of those wishes come from a pure place, not the ego.

So I rediscovered myself, I  finally found peace.  I started having courage and started writing about my fears and frustrations, the struggle with my weight, about the crazy desire to attain perfection in everything.  My rediscovery led me to release and become vulnerable.  And it is with this vulnerability that I'm saying to you all, it is ok to take a break and to be still.  Only then will you hear your higher-self.  It is who you truly are, you just have silence the ego so its voice can be heard.
If you wish to learn more about finding your true purpose and living to your true potential, I invite you to go to SOULSPARK and find my 8 sacred laws that can transform you inside and out.  
It is time to see who you were meant to be!
with love
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