Maybe some of you might be  asking yourselves how I began my Yoga & Self-enlightning "SOULSPARK" journey? You might be thinking to yourselves that you'd like to start meditating because its something that sounds "cool" or "fashionable" that you'd like to do, but just simply can't.  Maybe its the lack of knowledge and understanding of the subject or simply feel that you are not ready for a spiritual journey.

First lets define what Yoga is, and I'm not talking about the physical postures ( they are called asanas).  The classical Yoga is an act of self-realisation.

When the fluctuations of the mind have been stilled and you no longer identify with the remaining fluctuations of your mind.

Yoga is a state, a way of life.  Why am I telling you all this?  Because that is how I feel it.  Yoga changed my life and has helped me overcome many difficult moments that has come my way.  It has given me the balance to become internally powerful and move forward with depth, understanding and detachment from past situations.

It hasn't been easy, because true profound meditation is not a game, or just another thing that you should be doing.  I have to admit that becoming connected to my higher self was not easy and a real internal war existed because the Ego does not sleep and does not want to let go of its control over your mind.  Its always there in your mind and wants to know everything!  The EGO needs conflict, because it feeds off that feeling and needs as much of it as possible.

And that's how the 'internal' war began.  Whenever  I would begin to mediate, the Ego was also present.  As much as I wanted to concentrate and to connect to my consciousness, He would appear with a hundred negative ideas, which would invade, interrupt, and make me lose focus...until I would give up.  I would get back to "my happy daily urban life".  And He would win every time.

It was not until I understood that the Ego loves drama and conflict ( and Giulia loves drama too, she's an actress right) , although I wanted to be in a state of happiness, joy, and love...I would end up in an unhappy, anxious, self-pity state.  Why?  Because the ego longs for unhappiness.  He always criticises and is very difficult to please.

Once I understood to shift from identifying with my thoughts to observing my thoughts, that I could truly meditate.  I would separate HIM ( the Ego)  from me, ignoring his desperate wishes for conflict without any regret.

He does show up once in a while and I do give him the respect he deserves, for he is the powerful creation of our mind.   So We've got to give him some credit, right?

As a final note, remember that  the Ego is not who you are.  It is merely a fabrication of your 'Inner lab' which is constantly manufacturing new thoughts of anxiety, depression, fear, and all the negative emotions that arise.

Once you will no longer be 'trapped' in your own mind that you will find yourself in pure consciousness and be able the practice of Yoga.

If you like this article and feel that you want to re-connect to your 'real self' and activate your inner power, I invite you to get your copy of SOULSPARK now, available with the link below:




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