Fear is Destroying more Dreams than Failure Ever Will

FEAR. Its a strong word, used very often, but how many of us really understand it?  Think about it for a second. How many times have you made a decision based on fear.   I would say that its probably the biggest “disease” of our times.  Even if most of us don’t realise it, FEAR is always there, silent but yet so loud. Most of the time its  in our subconscious mind.  The problem with fear is that majority of the people I've spoken to say they have not fears, yet their actions speak otherwise. And I’m not talking about “fear of death” (which is  a completely different subject).  Its like being addicted to something and not admitting to it.  Such is fear, it clings on to you with everything that its got.  Creeping its way into your mind and taking full control of it.  Why?  Because our ego is controlling that fear-based voice, making us stuck in that mindset.  The moment you will admit to its existence and approach it with courage, it could make you live beyond your wildest imagination.  The moment you become aware of your conscious mind and the way you handle your decision-making, you will become more powerful than ever.  But FEAR wouldn’t want that, would it?

The reason why you are not living your dreams is because you are too busy living your fears. 

Your worries are so strong that its making your imagination create something you don’t want,  creating  such a strong energy that the universe perceives this energy as a sort of manifestation.  Let me give you an example:  I know a 60-year-old man that is so afraid of being alone, that he married am abusive woman who does not love him, who secluded him from the outside world, and forbids him to be in touch with his own children. Why?  For the money of course.   If one would ask him, “are you happy with this woman?”  He would say “Yes, I’m very happy".  The reality is that he is so afraid of living alone, that he’s created a reality in his mind that is perceived as acceptable and even “normal” for him. I mean, what man wouldn’t want to be in touch with his own children and grandchildren? THE MAN OF FEAR.  Same goes for people who really dislike their jobs, but cannot find the courage to make a change due to the FEAR of not finding another job, or not having enough money.  And what does FEAR do?  It paralyses the rational mind, not letting it evolve.

Although most us don’t realise it, but majority of our actions and reactions are controlled unconsciously, we make a lot of our decisions without really thinking about them, because our subconscious mind already decided for us. We live with this silent epidemic of FEAR that affects our lives and the way we ultimately live it.  But what if all that could change?  What if we could train our minds to make our decisions based on what our higher self wants?  Well, that would be the answer to the biggest “disease” of all.  And what is the answer you may ask?  Simple.  Its LOVE.

Essentially, the two main sources of our feelings come from LOVE or FEAR. When a decision is based on love, that choice is filled with a bright light and has a positive energy that flows throughout our aura & the divine consciousness. When a decision is based on fear, the energy becomes darker, surrounding our aura with a dark,  negative shadow that moves us away from the divine love.

Therefore , in-order for our actions to be planted with love, we must connect to our higher self, detach from our ego and always ask ourselves one simple question.  Am I making this decision based on FEAR or LOVE?  If the answer is FEAR, (fear of having less and others will have more, fear of loneliness, fear of disease, etc), the conscious mind  will perceive this energy from a place of lack and separation.   It is that sort of feeling that is toxic to our energy fields.  It is LOVE that helps us grow spiritually and be as ONE with the universe’s never-ending abundance.  There is not lack of love, attention, money…it is all there. The moment you are aware of your fears and are not letting that FEAR dominate you. The moment you will live consciously and recognise your real motives for your actions, LOVE will guide you, and that is the strongest, most powerful energy in the UNIVERSE.  You will notice that your vibrational energy will be higher and you will be able to do wonderful things that your higher-self came here to do!

My advice to the MAN OF FEAR:  Understand that you are NEVER alone, you have your children who love you unconditionally, you have your grandchildren who could shower you with so much love.  Break-away from the “pitiful” woman who is controlling you, for her actions ALSO arise from fear.  And say to yourself from today, “FEAR shall not longer control me.”

By Giulia Nahmany

with love
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