Hey guys,

So I thought that I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.  So  for the past couple of days I've been looking more often in the mirror and found that I like what I see ... Really like!   And I'm going to say something now that is usually said with hesitation, but i’m gonna go ahead and say it.   I like myself!

Now I don't want you to think that I've gone to become a crazy narcisist, because that is definitely not the case....but I can be brave enough to say that I like seeing my reflection in the mirror .

I love that reflection because it's me, the one who struggled to get here, because it has not always been so, and that energy didn’t really exist…

I had moments in which I wanted to break all the mirrors in the house and not only them, all the showcases that come in my way with their ruthless image.

But I said stop and I wondered:

- Giulia, if you do not like what you see, why aren’t  you doing something about it ?!

- You're right, I'm going to start on Monday

-  Monday  or  on Tuesday,  I promise!

- No Giulia!, not Monday  or Tuesday , DO IT NOW  !!!

NOW - is the right time to start changing your life!

NOW is the time to start enjoying yourself, to start working and to start changing your mirror image!

It is not easy to do this job, because we always have the tendency to procrastinate, to leave things for tomorrow, for Monday  or next month.

 Mommy ,NOW NOW !! That’s how my little daughter says when she wants something.

We tell them that it is not good, that they have to learn to be patient, and it is true for many cases ... but there are things that should not be left for another day, they should not be delayed.

Our life is now & now. The past is in the past, the future is infinite, THE PRESENT is the one who counts!

So, my dear readers, leave your postponements and act NOW! Whatever you plan to do, begin by taking action, facts are what speak and define our personality!

I know that you may be busy, that there might be “other priorities”, more important tasks,  but believe me when I say that YOU are the most important, and the main transcendence is to ACT NOW!

Do not hesitate, change comes from you, change comes NOW!  And there is nothing more energetic that the POWER OF NOW!

with love
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